our kitchen

Our cooking is based on old family recipes, culinary intuition and a healthy dose of old fashioned common sense. Our menus are especially designed to be well balanced and easy to digest.

We use high quality ingredients – many seasonal fruits and vegetables come straight from our garden.

Cooking is a true passion, to which we unstinting devote time, imagination, and a great variety of spices and seasonings to create dishes that as enticing as they are nutritious.

Our specialty is vegetarian cuisine inspired by many ethnic cuisines, but Indian and Japanese, in particular.

sample menu for a weekend:

day one


  • coffee with cardamom made according to the five elements cooking method
  • oatmeal made in the five elements way with flaxseed, figs, bananas and home-made fruit preserves


  • cream of carrot soup with ginger and coconut milk
  • tofu and vegetables in mild butter curry sauce
  • blanched spinach with spices
  • brown jasmine rice
  • mango lassi (yoghurt-based cocktail)


  • home-made rye bread
  • locally made goat cheeses with flaxseed oil
  • fresh local free-range eggs
  • mixed-leaf salad (in season: straight from our garden) with pears, fennel, walnuts and honey-based vinaigrette dressing
  • baked apples with cranberry sauce

day two


  • boiled coffee
  • delicate rice gruel with black sesame and soymilk


  • miso soup with white turnips, seaweed and spring onions
  • aromatic sticky rice with shiitaki mushrooms, celery and rice wine
  • steamed broccoli with sesame dressing
  • japanese style egg omelet
  • homemade pickles (radish, cabbage, cucumber) with sea salt
  • dessert made from sweet red adzuki beans with brown sugar and grilled rice cake, served warm


  • french pumpkin and spinach tart
  • silky-smooth hummus
  • baked tomatoes with herbs
  • salad with apples, alfalfa sprouts, and roast pumpkin seeds
  • fresh homemade bread
  • homemade blackcurrant jelly