You are welcome to experience the lomilomi nui massage, considered the most beautiful of all massage techniques and rightfully called the loving hands massage.

The origin of this massage is Hawaii, where it was a closely guarded sacred technique developed and perfected since ancient times. Performed by the kahunas – guardians of rituals and healing masters – lomilomi massage was restricted to chiefs and leaders facing special tasks, on whom the whole community depended.

In Hawaii, lomilomi is part of a spiritual tradition: together with the life philosophy called Huna and the dance Hula, it forms a comprehensive healing approach that works in unison with body and spirit, and helps us deal with our emotions. Native Hawaiians use this massage to restore body and spirit to its natural state of harmony, peace and contentment. They believe that stress, tension and negative feelings disrupt the flow of life affirming energy.

Only fairly recently – in 1980s – chosen outsiders were introduced to this special massage technique and carried it to the wider world.

Perhaps one of the most amazing features of this massage is the broad range of individual experiences reported by the recipients. A lomilomi nui massage tends to bring us what we need the most – for some it will be a wonderfully relaxing and healing experience, releasing them from tensions, worries and anxieties while others will find themselves propelled on a journey of self-discovery, perhaps a ritual passing to the next stage in their life. An authentic lomilomi massage session requires at least 90 minutes and could simply be an opportunity for the deepest relaxation, but might also initiate a spiritual and emotional transformation.

My own personal journey with lomilomi started seven years ago when I first met Danusia and Jerzy Adamczyk and completed my first course under their wise tutelage. Danusia was my very first teacher and remains a close friend and a personal inspiration to this day. I have since continued to develop my skills and knowledge under the guidance of Susan Pa’iniu Floyd and more recently Ann Lemioux – these widely respected Hawaiian teachers and masters represent different schools of lomilomi.

I simply love to give the incredible experience of a lomilomi massage. It is a unique time of the deepest focus and concentration on another person, on their body and their needs.

Agnieszka Sobczyńska