The power of being a Woman - led by Agnieszka Sypek

Understanding your body, mind and emotions. International creative workshops for women

14–20 czerwca

The main objective of the workshop is personal development, creativity and imagination boosting, development of self-awareness and the reduction of tensions and stress. The workshop itself is designed to promote healthy lifestyle, vegetarian food, openness and tolerance. Workshop Activities: Main activities include bodywork, relaxation, discussions, spontaneous dance and meditation. During five days participants will make contact with their own bodies and their inner potential as well as they will get in touch with other participants. They will experience themselves, get more grounding and learn to open towards present feelings, such as fear, pleasure, aggression, sadness. They will learn how to deal with stress and reduce tensions, share their experiences and gain practical skills to transfer the energy and power awaken during the workshop into their day-to-day lives


Day 1 (14.06) - Arrival (Meeting Point in Warsaw and bus trip to the Workshop location) Day 2 (15.06) - Making contact with your body Day 3 (16.06) - Relaxing the mind Day 4 (17.06) - Connecting with your womanhood Day 5 (18.06) - Creativity and passion Day 6 (19.06) - Understanding your emotions The last day will be focused on transposing your own power and energy into everyday life and on transferring the experiences and the risen awareness in daily life. A ritual with singing, dancing, fire and music will be organized to celebrate the community and to experience the integration and balance between body and mind. Day 7 (20.06) - Returning